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the leeky cauldron

The First Kitchen is more than a blog. It’s a learning process. It’s you watching me learning how to feed myself. And this week in Natalie’s learning curve: buying too much of one product and then eating nothing but said … Continue reading

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roasted tomatoes

What I’m about to tell you is top-secret gossip: Not many people know this, but Preston was far more enamored with me than I was with him when we began dating. Don’t be alarmed — since then the tables have … Continue reading

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dream on

Completely unrelated anecdote: I am an avid sleeptalker. I’ve had multiple lengthy conversations with Preston while I was sleeping. Once, when I was ten, I dreamt that my brother had stolen $1000 from me so I sleeptalked/sleepcried to my mom … Continue reading

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i have been busy

And when I haven’t been busy, I’ve been lethargic. I have recipes for you. I have so many wonderful recipes. But recipe-typing and recipe-related anecdotes take time and effort and love, most of which I don’t currently possess due to … Continue reading

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i eat food

Lots of it! And every day! And when I’m not eating it, I’m cooking it, or I’m reading about it, or I’m buying it. And when I’m not doing food-related things, I’m doing things that I can only do because … Continue reading

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a post about pizza with no clever title

In the N64 Super Mario game, if you leave Mario unattended for long enough, he falls asleep and starts mumbling about spaghetti and ravioli. That is actually what I look and sound like when I sleep. I love Italian food. … Continue reading

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it’s freakin’ cupcake time

This post is kind of going to be PG, so if you have young children in the room, right now might be a good time to send them to bed or tell them to go clean their room. Because I … Continue reading

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the perks of being a bizarre kid

As far as I know, I was the only little kid in the world who didn’t like spaghetti. Every other ankle-biter I knew went crazy over spaghetti, whether it be in traditional form or straight out of a Chef Boyardee … Continue reading

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