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baba ghanoush and rosemary flatbread

When I started to write this post, just like when I start to write any post, I asked Preston and Jeff: “What’s a funny anecdote I can use to entertain my readers?” Preston contributed, “Why don’t you just give them … Continue reading

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scalloped tomatoes with croutons

Every now and then I find a recipe that I would do very bad things for. Recipes that could make me give up government secrets, slap my mama, or tell my boyfriend I was going to nap with him and … Continue reading

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lemon ricotta pancakes with sauteed apples

Let’s just get this out of the way: I’m not a breakfast person. As far as I’m concerned, there’s lunch, dinner, and snackies in between. First of all, I usually get up at noon. And when I have to get … Continue reading

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i’m not a foodie, but i play one on T.V.

**A housekeeping issue: The Austin Chronicle Best of 2010 awards are coming up and I would really appreciate some help from you, my faithful readers, so I can accumulate some street cred. Just go vote HERE, and type “” in … Continue reading

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a dish to put hair on your chest

(I apologize for the title of this post. I can’t keep talking about chest hair and toe smell when I’m writing about food.) Something I’ve learned in my long 19 years on earth is that pain is not the opposite … Continue reading

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oh I have a blog

…and I’ve totally forgotten about it.. I guess it’s because I really haven’t been cooking a lot. I’ve been eating a lot of these… …and finding awesome bowls at Goodwill… …and watching 4th of July firework shows from a kayak … Continue reading

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a baking adventure

The other day, I found this post on my Facebook wall: Naturally I went through all the archives and bookmarked pretty much every recipe. And soon after, I found myself at home on a rainy Friday evening in desperate need … Continue reading

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