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another reason why you should always keep your fridge cleaner than mine

I was featured in the Austin American-Statesman food blog, Relish Austin! Or, rather, my fridge was. If I would have known that people other than students in my philosophy class were reading the blog, I would have put up classier … Continue reading

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a recipe for your first kitchen

On Saturday I went up to the UT campus and witnessed a bajillion freshman moving into their dorms. A year ago, I was doing the same: unpacking everything from the trunk of my car, meeting my new roommate, setting up … Continue reading

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crème brûlée

I know I’m always going on and on about how to eat healthy on a college student’s budget. And don’t get me wrong — I’m still all about that. But that doesn’t mean that a girl can’t splurge every now … Continue reading

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i’m still around here somewhere

I know that in just about every other post I apologize for not posting but I’m going to be back soon! I’m vacationing away my last few days of summer — just got back from the beach, and now I’m … Continue reading

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austrian jam cookies

Did you know it’s been something absurd, like 7 posts, since I’ve baked? I’ve been trying to be healthier lately… working out more, eating vegetables like they’re going out of style, not eating processed foods, etc. But the other day, … Continue reading

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shady grove restaurant review

So when I first started thinking about the creation of this blog, I decided it would be a mix of recipes, my adventures in the kitchen, and reviews of Austin restaurants. Thus far, I’ve only fulfilled 2/3 of those goals. … Continue reading

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