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Random fun parties/shows... another reason why Austin is the best city on earth.

I spent the first Saturday of spring break going to three grocery stores.

I wish I could say I was hunting down some elusive ingredient for a complicated recipe. Unfortunately, no, I just went, with no intention to buy anything in particular. I put my backpack on, hopped on my bike, and peddled my way around town to three different grocery stores.

I’ve talked about my grocery shopping habit before, but never in great detail. I suspect there are more of us out there, and hopefully this post throws some light on our marginalized community. Come out from lurkdom! And when you do, pay a visit to the following places, my favorite grocery stores in Austin.

Stop 1: Wheatsville Co-op

Wheatsville is a cute little hippie cooperative grocery store (member-owned) at 31st and Guadalupe. Along with a bunch of hippie products, they have a great bulk selection and a salad + hot bar. When I went, I had a less-than-$5 lunch of ginger tempeh pasta and some sparkling water, which I ate outside while listening to music. I love Austin.

While I was waiting, I saw a Helena Bonham-Carter lookalike walk in, followed shortly by this guy (who had to duck so that his tuba didn’t hit the top of the door):

Stop 2: Central Market

After lunch, I biked over to Central Market. CM is the hippie spin-off of HEB. They have a cafe, an incredible produce selection, and fun seasonal festivals (hatch green chile, chocolate, and currently “Eat the Heat” spicy food). At CM I bought a couple blood oranges, an Opal apple, and some buckwheat for a recipe I’ll post later this week.

free samples everywhere!

did you know brussel sprouts grow like this? me neither

bread nomz

(In case you were wondering, Stop 3 was the Hancock Center HEB to pick up some essentials. Nothing special here.)

A couple days later, Preston and I went to another grocery-store-browsing-adventure favorite locale: Whole Foods. Guayaki Yerba Mate invited us to an exclusive Brett Dennen show and yerba mate tasting on the rooftop cafe. I tried the citrus tea and the raspberry tea, and Preston tried the energy shot.

Verdict? The tea tasted pretty awesome, and has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee per serving. As for the energy shots…

Preston didn’t think they tasted that great, but he got a few extra free samples anyway.

Thanks for inviting us out, Guayaki!

Hope everyone had a great spring break. As for me, I’ve had a taste of warm weather, no school, and sleeping in, and now I’m ready for summer! I’ve got a few recipes in the works that will hopefully make the next 6 weeks easier to bear.

What did you do on your spring break?

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I like to eat lots of plants, bake cookies, and explore Austin.
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12 Responses to groceries

  1. I think this is the cutest post you have ever written.
    I want to waltz around Austin, frequenting numerous grocery stores. I was in Spring Branch the entire break, and I managed not to go to the new HEB Plus. TVs and food shouldn’t be sold in the same store.

  2. Also, I have a traditional yerba mate gourd that I got from Argentina. I will show you sometime.

  3. Tolly says:

    I have eaten that exact same ginger tempeh pasta, and it rocks my SOCKS every time. You’ve gotta try popcorn tofu at Wheatsville! It’ll blow your mind.

    Also Natalie — while not as sexy as Wheatsville or Central Market — may I recommend Natural Grocer? (Guadalupe and 39th). They have some fun / interesting ingredients, like ostrich meat, elk meat, buckwheat. I swear I wasn’t trying to rhyme there. Anyway, Ross makes meatloaf out of their wacky selections! He uses Giada’s recipe. I suspect he has the recipe memorized by now, but FOR SOME REASON, he keeps re-watching Giada’s demo.

  4. jackie says:

    I love Wheatsville…but my other passion is Whole Foods….the bread section is my hang out spot. Usually I’m reading the ingredients and stuffing my face with bread samples yelling at my boyfriend asking which bread I should get. NOMNOMNOM

  5. Gah I loved reading this post but it made me sooo nostalgic for Austin! I MISS IT SO HARD! Wheatsville and HEB and Whole Foods are obviously amazing. HEB for the variety and cheapness. Whole Foods for the dessert bar with tres leches amazingness and spicy salmon riceless sushi rolls. Gahhhhh

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