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wordless wednesday

(red beans and rice after a long workday, homemade pancit + lumpia from a local Filipino grocery, beet pancakes and roasted purple carrots, flowers from a beautiful wedding, smiles from newlyweds, pineapple-jalapeño jelly bought at the Thorndale Cook-off)

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hazelnut brown butter cake

The other day, I made my dad a batch of chocolate chip cookies for Father’s Day. Before I went to the store, I peeked in my fridge to take inventory of the ingredients, and I realized: I had no butter. … Continue reading

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sweet and simple: peanut butter sweet potatoes

**Sidenote and request: My Uncle Robert is a foodie in the true sense of the word. He’s taught me that fresh, local ingredients are the most delicious, and he always takes me to the best restaurants when I visit him … Continue reading

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how to get wifed

Let me preface this by saying that I’m a feminist. A Texas Feminist, in fact, and a member of the executive board. I believe in gender equality, I protest pay gaps in the west mall, and occasionally I don’t shave … Continue reading

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the second kitchen

Like I mentioned in my last post, we’ve spent the past week moving and cleaning. Our new apartment is just 4 doors down the hall, so luckily transporting everything was just a matter of wheeling it all across the walkway. … Continue reading

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