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quick lunches and snacks

School has started, which means panic is starting to set in. My planner is filling up with things I need to do, and finding time to blog (much less finding time to feed myself, sans writing and photography) is getting … Continue reading

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wordless wednesday, august 24

[seaweed salad, sushi, a giant chocolate bread pudding, our new living room wall of photos, and a canvas Jack Kerouac quote i made]    

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musings on summer and baked eggs

[Psssst! Are you setting up your first kitchen? Check out this post for suggestions.] My Uncle Robert has told me a few times that college students change between their sophomore and junior years. He believes that, during those short summer … Continue reading

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wordless wednesday, beach vacation edition

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cooking for yourself: chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting

Have you seen Bridesmaids yet? If you haven’t, back away from your computer/iDevice, stuff your purse with Reese’s cups and a Coke can, and drive to your nearest movie theater to watch it. If you have, remember the scene when … Continue reading

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what makes my life sweet

Looking forward to a much-needed beach vacation. Dark chocolate with sea salt. Biking to the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings. Biking anywhere. Sweet babies and their sweet feet. Grilled summer squash. The last few bittersweet days of summer break. Treats … Continue reading

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things i loved in july

Cucumbers. The record heat and my growing affinity for hot yoga has driven me to drink… water. Lots of it. But sometimes water is boring, and that’s when I slice a cucumber into spears, sprinkle them with lemon juice, and … Continue reading

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peach-strawberry-basil pie and the AFBA!

This Saturday, prior to my first Austin Food Blogger Alliance¬†event, I posted this on my Facebook: It’s true. I changed my outfit at least 4 times, painted my toenails, and ate unbaked pie crust out of anxious compulsion. The event … Continue reading

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