things i loved in july


The record heat and my growing affinity for hot yoga has driven me to drink… water. Lots of it. But sometimes water is boring, and that’s when I slice a cucumber into spears, sprinkle them with lemon juice, and add some freshly cracked black pepper to the top. Cucumbers aren’t very nutrient-dense, but they are certainly hydrating and refreshing.

Long walks on summer nights.

I’ve never been a runner and I never will be (believe me, I’ve tried, but my mama’s knees and titanium femur yell at me every time I even think about a treadmill). However, quiet summer evenings beg me to lace up my shoes and go somewhere. I’ve taken to walking aimlessly around Hyde Park, most of the time staring at all the beautiful, eccentric homes. Take a walk and don’t think about a destination or calories or mileage.

Brittany Spears’s new song.

The chorus is catchy. Don’t judge me.

Mason jars.

Though this picture is atrocious, the jars look adorbs. They’re great for storing things, and they’re super fun to drink adult beverages out of.

These wedges.

I kept going back to the TOMS website to look at these wedges, but couldn’t justify spending $72+$10 shipping on shoes I didn’t need. I waited a week, then longingly opened up the website again… and they had a back-to-school special for free shipping! After googling another coupon code, I bought the shoes for $15 less than I expected. Patience, y’all.

What did you love in July?

About Natalie (The First Kitchen)

I like to eat lots of plants, bake cookies, and explore Austin.
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4 Responses to things i loved in july

  1. challahgirl says:

    Great post and congratulations on your shopping victory!

    That cucumber photo is awesome too! You’re making me hungry and want to take a walk – thanks for the motivation! :)

  2. long walks, you can’t beat them in the summer time :) especially around dusk or really early in the morning <3

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