top 3 austin vegetarian and vegan restaurants

So far, being vegan is pretty great. A more detailed post of the first week is coming soon (after I recover from ACL heatstroke). Until then, take a peek at the best Austin vegetarian/vegan restaurants. These are all places you can take vegans and omnivores alike. Enjoy!

Veggie Heaven is mega-cheap, super-delicious veg food. Located on the Drag, it’s hideously decorated and endearing. They’re falun gong activists, and I’m pretty sure much of their profit goes to campaigns against religious persecution. Also, they feed any homeless people that come in, which is really great.
I recommend: The Protein 2000, curry buns, Open Sesame, Lucky Seven

The PROTEIN 2000. click for source.

The ambiance in Mother’s is incredible. Request to sit in the garden room. Ask for a vat of their cashew tamari dressing–it’s that good. Not vegetarian or vegan? Go anyway. My beef-loving boyfriend and Southern grandma frequent here often (not together) (I think) and they both love it.
I recommend: Garden patch salad with cashew-tamari, peasant’s meal with pinto-bean chili, spicy tempeh enchiladas.

Casa de Luz is hippie central. I think they may be not-for-profit (?) and they claim to be macrobiotic (??) and apparently you can volunteer there (???). Don’t be alarmed by the presence of peace-loving yogis, though–this place is delish. For about $12 (I know, a little pricy), you get access to their buffet of vegan food–greens, grains, creamy soups, crunchy salad, and more. You can eat until you feel satisfied and leave knowing that your body is thanking you.
I recommend: going on Thursday or Tuesday. They generally have tacos on Thursday and some Tuesdays they have homemade tamales. Yummm.


Never had Ethiopian food before? Don’t even know what Ethiopian food is? I didn’t either the first time I ventured into Aster’s. Turns out, it’s a lot like Indian food–spicy, lots of beans and vegetables, and saucy.
I recommend: Azifa (lentil salad),  bedergan (like eggplant dish), fasolia wott (like potato-vegetable curry)

get the lunch buffet and get a little of everything!

What’s your favorite vegetarian/vegan restaurant?

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I like to eat lots of plants, bake cookies, and explore Austin.
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10 Responses to top 3 austin vegetarian and vegan restaurants

  1. the tyranosaur says:

    asters > casa de luz

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for these recommendations! My vegan half-sister might be visiting later this year.

  3. Tolly says:

    Natalie, you PRETTY MUCH named all of my favorite restaurants in Austin. Husband and I are obsessed with Asters. Have you been to Karibu Ethiopian, on E. 7th?

    Your post also made me miss my beloved Hyde Park! :-( I love Mother’s so much. A phoenix rising from the ashes!!! And it did it on the power of that Cashew Tamari dressing.

  4. Great blog post! Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more.

    You might want to check out Eating Animals, by Jonathan Safran Foer, for more reasons to stay vegan.

  5. Shalini says:

    Agree with your recommendations. If you’re in the market for spendy meal (maybe for a special occassion), Congress has a vegetarian tasting menu. Green Pastures always has a vegetarian main, often with tofu.

    More info on my blog for the vegetarian dining out:

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