Imagine this: one morning, a sweet blonde girl wakes you up by nudging you gently and placing a buttery pastry filled with Nutella in front of your face. How do you respond to a gesture like that, other than gazing up into her beautiful eyes and asking if she might move in with you in August?

All of the above really happened, more or less. After London, I flew to Milan, Italy to meet my dear friend (and future housemate) Kelsey. We spent the next couple of days traipsing around the city, scaling the Duomo, and eating incredible food while tan, well-dressed men called us beautiful and professed their love. Kelsey said something at one point that really hit home: “I don’t worry about seeing everything in Italia when I come here, because I know I’ll be back.”

Italy is beautiful. The people are warm. The food is fresh and flavorful. The wine is goooood wine. The coffee is inexpensive and delicious. The blondes are pastry-bearing.

We watched the Eurocup Italia vs. Deutschland game in the Duomo Piazza. I don’t even know how to describe what it was like. When Italy scored the first goal, the entire piazza immediately turned into a moshpit of joy. I was embraced by a few sweaty dudes, people lit fireworks, and beer rained down from the heavens. Italians are passionate, beautiful people, especially when a shirtless Ballotelli is involved.

Here are a few things I ate and loved in Milan:

  • Peck, a gourmet food store recommended by David Lebovitz. Fresh produce, expensive truffles, and a great meat and cheese selection. We ate panini at the caffè upstairs. Our waiter encouraged me to try the “best cappucino in Italy,” so I did. Worth it.

  • I was blown away by how readily available, delicious, and inexpensive Italian coffee was. I’m not afraid to admit my coffee addiction; wandering around looking for a macchiato was a necessity. I always kept my eye out for a caffè (sometimes they call them bars) with outdoor seating and old Italian men reading the newspaper.

  • Gelato from Cioccolati Italiani (Via de Amicis, 25): easily one of the top ten best things I’ve ever eaten. Kelsey’s friend recommended this gelateria, located just down the street from the Duomo. If I could take anything back to America with me, this would be it. The dark chocolate was absolutely incredible, especially when served in a cone coated in chocolate from their chocolate fountains.

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I like to eat lots of plants, bake cookies, and explore Austin.
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