hello there!

It’s me! I’m still here, but mostly I’m over here, at www.nataliesanluis.com. I’m preparing to graduate (finishing my thesis, looking for jobs, drowning my existential angst in baked goods and wine), so I normally only cook on weekends.

But I’ve still been eating, of course, and I have pictures to prove it. I know you only look at the pictures anyway.

2012-09-11 09.59.03 2012-09-29 18.24.43 2012-09-29 23.03.11 2012-11-10 22.19.38 2012-12-20 14.41.32 2012-12-20 14.52.12 2013-01-05 20.19.42 2013-03-13 20.59.27 2013-03-31 10.30.48 2013-04-01 19.14.00

About Natalie (The First Kitchen)

I like to eat lots of plants, bake cookies, and explore Austin.
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