Who is Natalie?

I’m a student at the University of Texas in Austin, triple-majoring in Plan II (an interdisciplinary, research-based honors major), English, and Women’s and Gender Studies (in fewer words, I’m poor and I read a lot).  I don’t really think a single label encompasses the way I eat: technically, I am an omnivore, though 90% of the time I eat vegetarian.  I pride myself in eating foods that are healthy for me and the planet, but I strongly believe in guiltless moderation.  I know very little about blogging… but this is my creative outlet for the time being.  Bon appetit!

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10 Responses to Who is Natalie?

  1. aletheiazoe says:

    I love the way that you eat — no labels; just food. My kind of kitchen girl. :-)

  2. monica newland says:

    I had the privilage of having on of your Pumkin Choc Chip muffin.Mrs Stolte brought them to work the day after you baked them at her home. I usually do not eat pumkin,but let me tell you those muffins were yummmy. I would like if possible get the recipe for them and attempt to make them myself at home.I look foward to reading and seeing any new recipes that you try.Once again thank you for making those muffins the were delicious

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them! They’re very easy to make. Here’s the recipe:

      1 can of pumpkin
      2/3 cup vegetable or canola oil
      1 1/2 cup granulated sugar (or 2 cups… I like mine less sweet)
      1/2 cup milk
      2 t. vanilla extract
      2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
      1 t. baking powder
      1 t. baking soda
      2 t. ground cinnamon
      1/2 t. salt
      1 1/4 cup chocolate chips

      Mix up the first five ingredients, then gradually mix in the next 5, then fold in chocolate chips, put in a cupcake pan and bake for about 23 minutes or until they look delicious. I like to put a chocolate chip on the top of them and then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar before I bake them.

  3. Uncle Robert says:

    Wow—another chef in the family! Way to go Natalie. Now, when are you gonna cook for me?

  4. dubs says:

    sooooooo, you wanna come live w/ me?

  5. Manuel San Luis says:

    Hi Natalie–
    This is very cool! Next time we are all together, we need to plan a family menu, and cook together!
    Uncle Manuel

  6. Plan II triple major?! Damn girl! You have got to be both brilliant and a hard worker. I adore Women’s Studies; I wish I had more time for it with all my science shiz. I squeeze in a few classes every so often. I am SO glad you commented on my blog! It is so nice to “meet” you. I am adding you to my reader now :)

  7. Lonestar says:

    Hi Natalie. I have to say I am impressed. My college years (particularly the first few) were filled with lots of Hamburger Helper and taco stand breakfast tacos. I look forward to reading more about your cooking adventures and how the study abroad in London works out!
    http://www.DiningInAustinBlog.com and http://www.ThatsLondon.wordpress.com

  8. Natalie says:

    hey natalie! so glad you found my blog, natalies unite! i love this description of yourself – i dont like labels either, and i think im the same as you – i eat veg 90% of the time but dont like to put constraints on how/what i eat! also diggin the recipes on your blog…

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