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One Friday, I took a train from Milan to Rome to spend 36 hours in the Eternal City. To be completely honest, I spent a bit of time finding somewhere that felt right in Rome. As a tourist I understand … Continue reading

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whole-wheat meyer lemon blueberry bread

Did you know that using whole-wheat flour instead of all-purpose automatically makes baked goods healthy so you can eat as much as you want? Yup. Just ask the whole-wheat chocolate chip skillet cookie hanging out in my kitchen. Zero calories. … Continue reading

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quick note — Austin Bakes for Japan!

  If you haven’t heard about Austin Bakes for Japan yet, check out their website. Austin foodies and community members have joined to bake some delicious food for a good cause. Sadly, I’m currently in Laredo judging a debate tournament, … Continue reading

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jalapeƱo and pea pesto crostini

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! If you’re in Austin, please take a moment to step outside and bask in the glory that is the early Texas springtime. Take a drive to see the wildflowers! Bike to Central Market just to buy … Continue reading

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midterm frenzy banana bread

For the past two weeks, I’ve sworn off baking. I’ve been slammed with midterms, papers, re-writes, readings… the list goes on, and I’m not just saying that — the list really does go on. Organization meetings, presentations…. And so I’ve … Continue reading

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baba ghanoush and rosemary flatbread

When I started to write this post, just like when I start to write any post, I asked Preston and Jeff: “What’s a funny anecdote I can use to entertain my readers?” Preston contributed, “Why don’t you just give them … Continue reading

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a baking adventure

The other day, I found this post on my Facebook wall: Naturally I went through all the archives and bookmarked pretty much every recipe. And soon after, I found myself at home on a rainy Friday evening in desperate need … Continue reading

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