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are you still doing that blog thing? + beet and citrus salad

Wow! I suck at blogging! I kvetched all semester about how I couldn’t maintain TFK because I had no free time, but I haven’t sat in a classroom in over a month and you’re still looking at pictures of muffins. … Continue reading

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local brew fest and black star co-op

I’m just going to start out by saying that this post is about an event that happened a month and a half ago. I’m really busy. My life is twelve kinds of crazy right now. I just moved into a … Continue reading

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wordless wednesday, july 6

(sugared strawberries for a cake, independence day barbecue, olive feeling unimpressed with her bath, treats from the farmer’s market, indian spices for channa masala)

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a guide to Texas summers (and cilantro-lime chickpea salad)

When family and friends from out of state visit, their first question usually is, “[Insert expletive of choice], is it this hot all summer?” The answer is a resounding and emphatic YES. And generally, not only is it “this hot” … Continue reading

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blue dahlia bistro review and giveaway winner!

Hello dear readers! Today I want to talk about something I love (aside from food… though we will also talk about food). What I love, my friends, is frugality. I clip coupons on Sunday evenings; I buy the off-brand “mini … Continue reading

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tofu sesame ginger noodles

Don’t forget to enter my Guayaki yerba mate giveaway! Entries close at 11:59 Saturday night! It’s about that time in the semester when we’re all thinking that maybe life would be easier if we just drop out. Most college students … Continue reading

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quick note — Austin Bakes for Japan!

  If you haven’t heard about Austin Bakes for Japan yet, check out their website. Austin foodies and community members have joined to bake some delicious food for a good cause. Sadly, I’m currently in Laredo judging a debate tournament, … Continue reading

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