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whole-wheat meyer lemon blueberry bread

Did you know that using whole-wheat flour instead of all-purpose automatically makes baked goods healthy so you can eat as much as you want? Yup. Just ask the whole-wheat chocolate chip skillet cookie hanging out in my kitchen. Zero calories. … Continue reading

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baba ghanoush and rosemary flatbread

When I started to write this post, just like when I start to write any post, I asked Preston and Jeff: “What’s a funny anecdote I can use to entertain my readers?” Preston contributed, “Why don’t you just give them … Continue reading

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a baking adventure

The other day, I found this post on my Facebook wall: Naturally I went through all the archives and bookmarked pretty much every recipe. And soon after, I found myself at home on a rainy Friday evening in desperate need … Continue reading

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dream on

Completely unrelated anecdote: I am an avid sleeptalker. I’ve had multiple lengthy conversations with Preston while I was sleeping. Once, when I was ten, I dreamt that my brother had stolen $1000 from me so I sleeptalked/sleepcried to my mom … Continue reading

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i have been busy

And when I haven’t been busy, I’ve been lethargic. I have recipes for you. I have so many wonderful recipes. But recipe-typing and recipe-related anecdotes take time and effort and love, most of which I don’t currently possess due to … Continue reading

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