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red river cafe

The other day, Preston and I saw this sign: So we did. Well, not really. In all honesty, we’ve passed this cute cafe hundreds of times in the past year. Despite its name, it’s actually not on Red River, but … Continue reading

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quinoa-buckwheat granola

Say what you want about Rebecca Black and her hit single (uh… or something) “Friday“… but the girl’s got some sense. An essential part of her morning (along with “be[ing] fresh”) is eating breakfast. And that’s more than I can … Continue reading

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snow day!

(Let it be known that the original title of this post was “snoatmeal!” until I realized that sounded like a disease that horses got.) Snow days in Austin are a big deal. There’s something really magical about looking out the … Continue reading

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back to school graham crackers and musings

School started again. What happened to my month-long break? I had a huge list of things I needed to do, and somehow the list is only marginally shorter. Under the column of things I accomplished: trying yoga (in my living … Continue reading

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